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Scientific Name: Orasema occidentalis
Common Name: (a Chalcidoid wasp)
Family: Eucharitidae
Description: A Chalcidoid wasp, Orasema occidentalis, on Wedgeleaf Honeydew, Horkelia cuneata ssp. puberula. These are all ant parasites and in this case lay their eggs into the flower buds. Presumably the larvae latch onto thrips and then get carried into the ant nest (probably Pheidole) with the thrips prey. There they attack the ant larva and then develop on the ant pupa.
Notes: Photographed 30 May 2011.
Location: Bernard Field Station
BFS Area: Eastern CSS
Photo Type: Animal--Insect
Photographer: Nancy Hamlett
Upload Date: 2011-08-05 22:14:21
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