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Scientific Name: Stenopogon lomae
Common Name: (a robber fly)
Family: Asilidae
Description: A robber fly, Stenopogon lomae, on gravel in a fire road in the lower Neck.
Notes: Stenopogon lomae belongs to the albibasis group of Stenopogon, which are all small-sized species, usually around 10mm in length. S. lomae is endemic to the Los Angeles Basin, and Claremont is where some of the original paratype specimens were collected. While many other Stenopogon prefer shrubs, these little Stenopogon (albibasis group -- about 9 species) perch on the ground.
Location: Bernard Field Station
BFS Area: Lower Neck
Photo Type: Animal--Insect
Photographer: Nancy Hamlett
Date Taken: 2012-07-02
Upload Date: 2012-08-16 14:20:25
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