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Scientific Name: Tachypompilus unicolor
Common Name: (a spider wasp)
Family: Pompilidae
Description: A spider wasp, Tachypompilus unicolor, on California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosum) in the East Field.
Notes: Per Nick Fensler: "Note the strong comb on the anterior tarsus, eliminating any superficially similar Ageniella. The eyes do not appear to converge enough dorsally to indicate T. ferrugineus. Anecdotally T. unicolor seems to be far more common in California."
Location: Bernard Field Station
BFS Area: South Field
Photo Type: Animal--Insect
Photographer: Nancy Hamlett
Date Taken: 2013-06-03
Upload Date: 2013-08-29 12:01:36
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