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Article Abstract – Knudsen & Kocourková (2011)


Rare Lichens of the Southern California Chaparral

Authors and affiliations:

Kerry Knudsen, The Herbarium, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California at Riverside
Jana Kocourková, Department of Ecology, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague


The Chaparralian 38: 10-12 (2011)


Abstract Not Available – First paragraph follows:

In Southern California lichens are frequent on chaparral, especially on chamise. The most common species are the iridescent yellow Candelariella pacifica M. Westb. and the bright orange Xanthoria tenax L. Lindblom, both of which can coat branches. In old-growth chaparral and on younger chaparral that has not burned frequently, especially in more humid micorhabitats, you can find a more diverse assemblage of leafy and branching lichens such as the blackish Kaernefeltia merrillii (Du Rietz) Thell & Goward, Hypogymnia imshaugii Krog with its hollow branches, and several small Usnea species looking like the green hair of trolls. In areas where fire frequency is high, often no lichens can be found for hundreds of acres.

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