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200 x 400 Aerial Photograph

This aerial photograph is 200 x 400 pixels with a resolution of 8 m per pixel and is constructed from U.S. Geological Survey images dated 01 June 1994.

The map images were obtained from TerraServerUSA. These images are freely available for you to download, use, and re-distribute. The TerraServer team and the USGS appreciate credit for their work on this project by displaying the message “Image courtesy of the USGS”.

Note that the image is composed of tiles of 200 x 200 pixels, so if you want to download all of the image, you will need to download all the tiles (in this case, two tiles). Clicking on a tile will take you to the tile in context at TerraServerUSA.

Bernard Field Station
Bernard Field Station

Image courtesy of the USGS.

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