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Thesis Abstract – Bingham (2001)


Weed Tales: An Exploration of a Small Piece of Land in Claremont, CA.

Author and college:

Kevin Bingham, Pomona College




Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science


Rick Worthington, Pomona College


No abstract provided – excerpt from the Introduction

This thesis is observational in essence. It is a series of snapshots and portraits of a single piece of land and the things that make that land the way it is. There are separate essays and observations that should stand alone but create a collage of that what is. I approached this thesis as an exercise in learning through exploration. I would walk out with a notepad and sometimes a tape recorder, attempting to capture that which is often left unnoticed by the lazy eye. I then brought these findins back to the world of academia to research their histories and their stories. I consulted others who have molded their lives around the study or management of that land which I hoped to discover.

For more information:

Contact Anne Tessier – MALT4747@pomona.edu

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