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Thesis Abstract – Rightmyer (1997)


Phenotypic Variability of Marah macrocarpus var. macrocarpus (Curcubitaceae) at the Robert J. Bernard Biological Field Station

Author and college:

Molly Rightmyer, Scripps College


April 18, 1997


Bachelor of Arts in Biology


Susan Schenk, Joint Science Department of Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges


Measurements of variability reflect the interaction of genetic and environmental factors which a plant or plant population is experiencing. The variability of seven inflorescence characters of Marah macrocarpus var. macrocarpus (Curcubitaceae) are compared for 40 plants in two populations at the Bernard Biological Field Station in Claremont California. The difference in variability between the two populations is not significant, while the difference in variability among plants within the populations is significant.

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Contact Susan Schenk – sschenk@kecksci.claremont.edu

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