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Thesis Abstract – Wicklund (1998)


Effects of Temperature and Moisture on the Germination, Growth, and Interference of Bromus rubens L. and Vulpia myuros (L.) C.C. Gmelin

Author and college:

Carrie A Wicklund, Harvey Mudd College


May 6, 1998


Bachelor of Science in Biology


Travis Columbus, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden and Claremont Graduate University


No abstract provided – excerpt from the Introduction

In this study, I examined the germination and growth of Bromus rubens and Vulpia myuros grown individually and in inter- and intra-specific pairs under combinations of two termperature and moisture regimes repreesntative of that found in their geographic range in an attempt to understand the role of these enivonmental factors in the success of these invasive annuals. I also examined levels of genetic diverstiy, inferred from allozyme data, of B. rubens and V. myuros within and among two areas of the field station study site to estimate genetic differentiation among populations. I used allozyme data as evidence of gentic variation, and did not attempt to explain the specific selective control of allelic frequency distributions for examined loci.

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Contact Travis Columbus – j.travis.columbus@cgu.edu

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