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NOTES: The following list is necessarily a preliminary account of the invertebrate diversity at BFS. Most species on this list exist in a reference collection in the Department of Biology, Pomona College. Please send records (and where possible, specimens) of additional species to J. C. Wright.

Many thanks to the people who have contributed to this list, including Jonathan Wright, Dwight Taylor, Hartmut Wisch, Molly Rightmyer, Harsi Parker, Maya Nakamura, Connor Smith, Nancy Hamlett, Susan Schenk, and Paul Stapp, and special thanks to the folks at BugGuide who've helped with identification.

Photos: Links labeled ‘BFS’ show photographs in the BFS photo database. Most of these were taken at the BFS, although a few were taken at other nearby locations. BFS photos may be used for any personal or academic purposes as long as notification of use is sent to the BFS Webmaster and the image is clearly credited with ©[Name of photographer]. For higher-resolution images, please contact the photographer. Note that no photos taken at the BFS may be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of the Claremont University Consortium. You must have pop-ups enabled to view the BFS pages.

‘CP’ links will return all photographs of the listed taxon in the CalPhotos, Digital Library Project database. ‘BG’ and ‘AW’ links connect to the corresponding taxon pages in BugGuide and AntWeb, respectively. To use images from CalPhotos and BugGuide, you must check the stipulations for each photographer. AntWeb images are subject to their Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons License, as explained on the AntWeb site.

Taxonomic group/species Common name Specific location found Years observed Photos & Descriptions


      Ephydatia fluviatilis (a freshwater sponge) pHake Lake 2002-2008


Hydra oligactis (strain CA05a) Brown Hydra pHake Lake 2000-2003, 2009, 2012
Hydra viridissima (strain CA05b) Green Hydra pHake Lake 2008, 2009, 2012


Subclass Digenea

Cercaria larvae

(a trematode fluke) pHake Lake 2009 BFS
Dugesia tigrina (freshwater planarian) pHake Lake 1999-2009
Microplana sp. (a planarian) Under logs, pHake Lake 1999-2001, 2009


Pseudocorynosoma sp.

either P. anatarium or P. constrictum

(an acanthocephalan) Hyallela azteca, pHake Lake

only known from the cystacanth larvae in Hyallela

1999-2003, 2009
Jun - Sep


Hexarthra sp. (a rotifer) pHake Lake 2010 BFS


Class Clitellata, Subclass Oligochaeta (Earthworms & their relatives)

Allolobophora sp. (species need verification) (an earthworm) General 1999-2009
Chaetogaster diaphanus (a segmented worm) pHake Lake 2009 BFS
Family Enchytraeidae (potworms) Under logs, Lakeside 1999-2001
Octolasion sp. (an earthworm) Under logs, Lakeside 1999-2001

Class Clitellata, Subclass Hirudinea (Leeches)

Gloiobdella elongata (a leech) pHake Lake 2009
Gloiobdella triserialis (a leech) pHake Lake 2009
Helobdella triserialis (a leech) pHake Lake 2008, 2009
Helobdella stagnalis (a leech) pHake Lake 2009


Deroceras panormitanum Long-necked Fieldslug General 2004-2009 CP
Deroceras (Agriolimax) reticulatum Gray Field Slug 1999-2001, 2013 BFS, CP
Ferrissia californica

Also reported as Ferrissia fragilis

Fragile Ancylid pHake Lake

on cattail stems or blades that have a thin coat of organic growth, but not on those with mud or a thick organic film

2004 BFS
Physa acuta (agg.)

Previously known as Haitia mexicana and as Physella (Costatella) heterostropha cupreonitens

(a freshwater snail) pHake Lake, old toad pond

crawling on lake bottom or on dead wood and leaves

2004, 2012
Helix aspersa Garden Snail Lakeside, in litter behind houses 2000, 2013 BFS, CP
Helminthoglypta tudiculata Southern California Shoulderband General

Particularly common in patches of dead prickly pear

1999-2007, 2009-2010 BFS
Limax flavus Yellow Slug Logs lakeside 2003 BFS
Limnophysa palustris (a freshwater snail) pHake Lake 1999-2000
Milax gagates Jet Greenhouse Slug General 2004-2009 CP
Planorbella duryi

Also listed as Helisoma duryi

Seminole Rams-horn, Red Rams-horn pHake Lake

crawling on lake bottom or on dead wood and leaves

2004, 2009-2010 BFS
Pseudosuccinea columella American Ribbed Fluke Snail pHake Lake

at or just above water surface on floating leaves or dead wood

2004, 2009  
Punctum californicum Ribbed Spot Snail

Under dead wood in deep oak litter, near Infirmary

2004 BFS
Vallonia pulchella Lovely Vallonia

Under dead wood in deep oak litter, near Infirmary

2004 BFS


Class Arachnida (Spiders, scorpions, mites, & their relatives)

Order Araneae (Spiders)

Aphonopelmaeutylenum type” California Ebony Tarantula Dirt road 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Argiope aurantia Black and Yellow Garden Spider Buckwheat 2011-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Araneus andrewsi

probable, not confirmed by dissection

(an orb weaver) BFS gate 2010 BFS, BG
Araniella displicata Sixspotted Orbweaver Toyon, along drive 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Dysdera crocata Woodlouse Hunter Under logs 1999-2001 BG
Habronattus pyrrithrix (a jumping spider) Dead wood 2011 BFS, BG
Hololena curta Funnel Web Spider Low vegetation 1999-2001, 2010
Latrodectus hesperus Western Black Widow Classroom, Field House 2011, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Mecaphesa sp. (a crab spider)


2010 BFS, BG
Metepeira sp. (an orb weaver)

Web on Eriogonum gracile stems, east field

2010 BFS, BG
Misumenoides formosipes Whitebanded Crab Spider

Misumenops sp. (a crab spider)

Peucetia viridans Green Lynx Spider


2006, 2007, 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Pirata piraticus (a pirate wolf spider) pHake Lake 2009 BFS, BG
Phidippus johnsoni Johnson Jumper Cholla, Phacelia, Buckwheat, Datura 2009-2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Family Salticidae, unidentified sp. (a jumping spider) 2010 BFS, BG
Tetragnatha sp. (a longjawed orbweaver) Cattails 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Thiodina hespera (a jumping spider) Classroom, grape 2012 BFS, BG
Xysticus sp. (a ground crab spider) 2010 BFS, BG, CP

Order Opiliones (Harvestmen)

Mitopus californicus (a harvestman) Logs, Lakeside 2001
Nemastoma modesta (a harvestman) Pitfalls 2000

Order Pseudoscorpiones (Pseudoscorpions)

Order Pseudoscorpiones, unindentified sp. (a pseudoscorpion) Pitfalls 1999-2003 BG

Order Scorpiones (Scorpions)

Superstitionia donensis Superstition Mountains Scorpion Pitfalls 2000-2003 BFS, BG, CP

Order Solifugae (Windscorpions)

Eremobates sp. (a windscorpion) Pitfalls 1999-2003 BG

Subclass Acari (Mites & ticks)

Aceria paracalifornica Sagebrush Gall Mite Artemisia 2010 BFS
Family Erythraeidae, unidentified sp. (a trombidiform mite) Camissoniopsis 2010-2012 BFS, BG
Parateneriffia sp.

At least 2 species are present

(a mite) 2008 BFS
Piona sp. (a mite) pHake Lake 2009 BG

Class Chilopoda (Centipedes)

Geophilomorph centipede (species need verification) 2009
Lithobius forficatus (a stone centipede) under cover board 2013 BFS, BG
Scolopendra polymorpha Common/Sonoran Desert Centipede Common 2007-2011 BFS, BG, CP
Scutigera coleoptrata House Centipede BG, CP

Class Diplopoda (Millipedes)

Family Spirobolidae, Undetermined sp.

Either Hiltonius pulchrus or Tylobolus claremontus

(spirobolid millipedes) Ptifalls, under rocks and litter 2009, 2011 BFS
Hiltonius pulchrus (a spirobolid millipede) Pitfalls 2011, 2013 BFS
Tylobolus claremontus (a spirobolid millipede) Under rocks and litter, esp. E Amherst Drive 2009, 2011

Class Symphyla (Pseudocentipedes)

Unidentified sp. Common under logs BG

Class Branchiopoda (Branchiopods)

Order Anostraca (Fairy Shrimp)

Branchinecta lindahli Versatile Fairy Shrimp Vernal pools 2000-2009, 2011

Order Diplostraca, Suborder Cladocera (Water fleas)

Camptocercus rectirostris (a water flea) pHake Lake 2008
Chydorus sp. (a water flea) pHake Lake 2009 BFS
Daphnia magna (a water flea) pHake Lake 1999-2009
Simocephalus sp. (a water flea) pHake Lake 1999-2001 BG

Class Malacostraca (Malacostracans)

Order Amphipoda (Amphipods)

Hyalella azteca (an amphipod) pHake Lake 1999-2009 BFS

Order Isopoda (Isopods)

Armadillidium vulgare Pillbug Logs, Lakeside 1999-2003, 2009, 2013 BG, CP
Porcellio dilatatus (a woodlouse) Logs, Lakeside 1999-2003, 2009 BFS, BG, CP
Porcellio laevis (a woodlouse) Logs, Lakeside 2000, 2009 BG
Porcellionides pruinosus (a woodlouse) Logs, Lakeside 1999, 2009 BG

Order Decapoda (Crabs, crayfish, lobsters, & shrimp)

Unidentified sp. (a crayfish) pHake Lake 1999-2009, 2011

Class Maxillopoda, Subclass Copepoda (Copepods)

Family Canthocamptidae, Unindentified sp.
Family Cyclopidae, Unindentified sp.
Cyclops varicans rubellus pHake Lake 2009 BFS
Cyclops vernalis     BFS
Diaptomus pallidus pHake Lake 2009
Eucyclops agilis pHake Lake 2009 BFS

Class Ostracoda (Ostracods)

Chlamydotheca sp. pHake Lake 2009
Cypretta sp. pHake Lake 2009

Class Protura (Proturans or coneheads)

Acerentomon sp. Berlese funnel extract 2000

Class Collembola (Springtails & allies)

Isotoma sp. (>2 other spp.) Pitfalls 1999-2001 BG

Class Insecta (Insects)

Order Archaeognatha (Bristletails)

Mesomachilis sp. (a jumping bristletail) Pitfalls 1999-2003
Family Meinertellidae, unidentified sp. (a rock bristletail) 2010 BFS, BG

Order Zygentoma (Silverfish)

Allacrotelsa spinulata Driveway 2012 BFS
Leucolepisma arenaria Pitfalls 1999-2003

Order Odonata (Dragonflies & damselflies)

Suborder Zygoptera (Damselflies)

Argia vivida Vivid Dancer 2009, 2011 BG, CP
Enallagma sp. (an American bluet) Scale-Broom 2010-2014 BFS, BG, CP
Enallagma civile Familiar Bluet pHake Lake 2014 BFS, BG, CP
Ischnura cervula Pacific Forktail pHake Lake 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Ischnura perparva Western Forktail 2010, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Telebasis salva Desert Firetail 2009-2013 BFS, BG

Suborder Anisoptera (Dragonflies)

Anax junius Common Green Darner 2009, 2012-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Brechmorhoga mendax Pale-faced Clubskimmer 2008 BG
Erythemis collocata Western Pondhawk 2009, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Libellula croceipennis Neon Skimmer pHake Lake 2011-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Libellula saturata Flame Skimmer pHake Lake 1999-2003, 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Pachydiplax longipennis Blue Dasher pHake Lake 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Perithemis intensa Mexican Amberwing pHake Lake 2011 BFS, BG
Rhionaeschna multicolor

Formerly Aeshna multicolor

Blue-eyed Darner pHake Lake 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Sympetrum corruptum Variegated Meadowhawk pHake Lake, toad pond 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Sympetrum illotum Cardinal Meadowhawk 2009 BFS, BG, CP
Tramea lacerata Black Saddlebags pHake Lake 1999-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Tramea onusta Red Saddlebags 2010 BFS, BG

Order Orthoptera (Grasshoppers, katydids, & crickets)

Family Acrididae, unidentified sp. (a short-horned grasshopper) Calabazilla 2009 BG
Aglaothorax sp. Ovate Shieldback Pitfalls 2012 BFS, BG
Cibolacris parviceps Cream Grasshopper 2011 BFS, BG
Gryllus sp. (a field cricket) Pitfalls 1999-2003 BFS, BG
Melanoplus sp. (a grasshopper) 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Melanoplus cinereus cyanipes Grayish Sagebrush Grasshopper 2011 BFS, BG
Melanoplus devastator Devastating Grasshopper Dried brome 1999-2003, 2012 BFS, BG
Psoloessa texana Texas Spotted Range Grasshopper 2010 BFS, BG
Schistocerca sp.

Likely S. shoshone, the Green Bird Grasshopper, but the taxonomy of this group is confused.

(a bird grasshopper) Scale-Broom 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Stenopelmatus sp. (fuscus?) Jerusalem Cricket Pitfalls, leaf litter 1999-2003, 2011-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Oecanthus sp. Tree Cricket Pitfalls BFS, BG, CP
Trimerotropis fontana Fontana Grasshopper Artemisia 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Trimerotropis pallidipennis Pallidwinged Grasshopper 1999-2003 BG, CP

Order Dermaptera (Earwigs)

Euborellia annulipes Ring-legged Earwig BG
Forficula auricularia European Earwig BFS, BG

Order Embiidina (Webspinners)

Haploembia solieri (a web spinner) Pitfall, under oak 2002, 2003 BG

Order Mantodea (Mantids)

Family Mantidae, unidentified sp. (egg case)

Could be Stagmomantis californica, Stagmomantis limbata, or Mantis religiosa.

(a mantis) 2012 BFS, BG
Stagmomantis sp.

Either S. californica or S. limbata

(a mantis) Laurel sumac 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Stagmomantis californica California Mantis Shrubbery, infirmary 2000, 2001 BFS, BG, CP

Order Blattodea (Cockroaches & Waterbugs)

Eremoblatta subdiaphana North American Desert Cockroach Pitfalls, widespread 2000-2009 BFS, BG
Parcoblatta americana American Wood Cockroach Wood, under oaks 1999-2003, 2009 BFS, BG, CP

Order Isoptera (Termites)

Reticulitermes hesperus Western Subterranean Termite Logs, Lakeside 1999-2001 BG, CP

Order Hemiptera (True bugs)

Family Alydidae (Broad-headed Bugs)

Tollius sp. (a broad-headed bug) Buckwheat 2013 BFS, BG

Family Aphididae (Aphids)

Family Aphididae, unidentified sp. Aphids Amsinckia, Yerba Santa, Sahara Mustard 2010, 2012 BFS, BG

Family Cercopidae (Common Spittlebugs)

Family Cercopidae, unidentified sp. Spittlebugs Artemisia 2010-2012 BFS, BG, CP

Family Cicadellidae (Leafhoppers)

Tribe Athysanini, unidentified sp. (a leafhopper) Croton, Camissoniopsis 2012 BFS, BG
Family Cicadellidae, unidentified sp. (a leafhopper) Robber fly prey 2010 BFS, BG
Euscelis variegatus (a leafhopper) On rock by lake 2014 BFS, BG
Exitianus exitiosus Gray Lawn Leafhopper 2014 BFS, BG
Homalodisca (a sharpshooter) Coyote Bush 2010 BG
Neokolla sp. (a sharpshooter) Calabazilla 2010 BFS, BG

Family Cicadidae (Cicadas)

Diceroprocta apache Apache Cicada 2001-2003 BG
Okanagana sp. (a cicada) molts on pine-bush 2014 BFS, BG

Family Clastopteridae (Spittlebugs)

Clastoptera sp. (a spittlebug) horseweed 2014 BFS, BG

Family Coreidae (Leaffooted Bugs)

Catorhintha apicalis (a leaffooted bug) Mirabilis 2014 BFS, BG
Chelinidea vittiger Cactus Coreid Prickly-pear, Cholla 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Narnia sp. (a leaffooted bug) Cactus, Calabazilla 2010-2013 BFS, BG

Family Corixidae (Water Boatmen)

Corisella sp. pHake Lake, toad pond 1999-2001, 2011 BG

Family Dactylopiidae (Cochineal Insects)

Dactylopius sp. Cochineal Prickly-Pear 2010-2012 BFS, BG

Family Dictyopharidae (Dictyopharid Planthoppers)

Orgerius sp. (a dictyopharid planthopper) Calabazilla, Horkelia 2010-2011 BFS, BG, CP
Scolops sp. (a dictyopharid planthopper) Milkweed, Datura 2009-2010 BG
Scolops abnormis (a dictyopharid planthopper) Milkweed, Datura 2010, 2012 BFS, BG

Family Diaspididae (Armored Scale Insects)

Aspidiotus nerii Oleander Scale 1999-2001

Family Geocoridae (Big-eyed Bugs)

Geocoris sp. Big-eyed Bug Dove Weed 2014 BG

Family Gerridae (Water Striders)

Family Gerridae, unidentified sp. Water Striders New toad pond 2011 BG

Family Hebridae (Velvet Water Bugs)

Merragata hebroides (a velvet water bug) pHake Lake 2009 BG

Family Issidae (Issid Planthoppers)

Dictyobia sp. (an issid planthopper) Yerba Santa 2010 BFS, BG

Family Largidae (Bordered Plant Bugs)

Largus californicus (a bordered plant bug) Pine-Bush 2006, 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Largus cinctus (a bordered plant bug) Buckwheat 2009 BG

Family Lygaeidae (Seed Bugs)

Lygaeus kalmii Small Milkweed Bug Milkweed, Buckwheat 2009-2010, 2012-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Melanopleurus belfragei Redcoat Seed Bug Scale-Broom 2014 BFS, BG
Neacoryphus bicrucis Whitecrossed Seed Bug Scale-Broom 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Oncopeltus fasciatus Large Milkweed Bug Milkweed 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Xyonysius californicus California False Chinch Bug Wild grape 2011 BFS, BG

Family Membracidae (Treehoppers)

Micrutalis sp. (a treehopper) California Croton 2012 BFS, BG
Micrutalis occidentalis (a treehopper) California Croton 2012 BFS, BG

Family Miridae (Plant Bugs)

Irbisia californica (a black grass bug) Grasses, Phacelia 2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Lygus sp. (a tarnished plant bug) Milkweed 2010, 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Lopidea marginata Scarlet Plant Bug Buckwheat 2012 BFS, BG
Paraproba hamata (a plant bug) Coast Live Oak 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Plagiognathus sp.

Not P. moerens, perhaps P. verticalis

(a plant bug) Encelia 2012 BFS, BG
Plagiognathus moerens (a plant bug) Amsinckia 2010, 2013 BFS, BG
Pseudatomoscelis seriatus Cotton Fleahopper Doveweed 2011-2012 BFS, BG

Family Mesoveliidae (Water Treaders)

Family Mesoveliidae, Unidentified sp. (water treaders) pHake Lake 2009 BG

Family Notonectidae (Backswimmers)

Notonecta sp. (a backswimmer) pHake Lake 1999-2001 BG, CP

Family Pentatomidae (Stink Bugs)

Agonoscelis puberula African Cluster Bug Horehound, Buckwheat, Datura, Amsinckia 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Bagrada hilaris Bagrada Bug Widespread, Mustard 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Brochymena sp.

Either B. affinis or B. sulcata

(a rough stink bug) Horkelia 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Chlorochroa sayi Say's Stink Bug horseweed 2014 BFS, BG
Murgantia histrionica Harlequin Bug Bladderpod, Scale-Broom 2002, 2009, 2010, 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Thyanta custator

Identification probable, needs confirmation

Red-shouldered Stink Bug Croton 2013 BFS, BG
Thyanta pallidovirens (a stinkbug) Yerba Santa 2009 BG, CP

Family Reduviidae (Assassin Bugs)

Apiomerus californicus Bee Assassin Grass 2012-2013 BFS, BG
Phymata sp. (a jagged ambush bug) Pine-Bush 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Zelus renardii Leafhopper Assassin Bug Yerba Santa 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Zelus tetracanthus Four Spurred Assassin Bug Buckwheat 2013-2014 BFS, BG

Family Rhopalidae (Scentless Plant Bugs)

Arhyssus sp. (a scentless plant bug) Robber fly prey, buckwheat, Horkelia 2010, 2012, 2013 BFS, BG
Leptocorus rubrolineatus

Also listed as Boisea rubrolineata

Western Boxelder Bug 1999-2001 BG, CP
Liorhyssus hyalinus Hyaline Grass Bug Eriastrum, Phacelia 2014 BFS, BG, CP

Family Scutelleridae (Shield-backed Bugs)

Homaemus parvulus (a shield-backed bug) Annual buckwheat 2011 BFS, BG

Order Thysanoptera (Thrips)

Unidentified species (thrips) Widespread on flowers 2010 BFS, BG

Order Raphidioptera (Snakeflies)

Agulla sp. (a snakefly) 2010-2011 BFS, BG, CP

Order Neuroptera (Antlions, Lacewings, and Allies)

Brachynemurus sp. (larva) Common Antlion Pitfalls 2001 BG, CP
Chrysoperla sp. (a green lacewing) Phacelia 2011 BFS, BG, CP

Order Coleoptera (Beetles)

Family Buprestidae (Metallic Wood-boring Beetles)

Acmaeodera hepburnii (a metallic wood-boring beetle) Mallow 2010 BFS, BG
Acmaeodera retifera (a metallic wood-boring beetle) Camissoniopsis 2011 BFS, BG
Anambodera sp. (a metallic wood-boring beetle) Litter 2011 BFS, BG
Chrysobothris subcylindrica (a metallic wood-boring beetle) Buckwheat 2012 BFS, BG

Family Carabidae (Ground Beetles)

Calosoma sp. (a caterpillar hunter) Pitfalls 1999-2001 BG, CP

Family Cerambycidae (Longhorned Beetles)

Phoracantha semipunctata Eucalyptus Longhorn Borer Eucalyptus 1999-2001 BG

Family Chrysomelidae (Leaf Beetles)

Acalymma trivittatum Western Striped Cucumber Beetle Calabazilla 2010 BFS, BG
Altica sp. (a flea beetle) Yerba Santa 2010 BFS, BG
Family Chrysomelidae, Sub-Family Cryptocephalinae (a case-bearing leaf beetle)   2009 BG
Cryptocephalus castaneus (a case-bearing leaf beetle) Willow 2011 BFS, BG
Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis sanguinicollis (a case-bearing leaf beetle) Buckwheat 2011 BFS, BG
Hemiglyptus basalis (a flea beetle) Yerba Santa 2014 BFS, BG
Lema daturaphila Three-lined Potato Beetle Datura 2014 BFS, BG
Lema trivittata Three-lined Lema Beetle Datura 2010-2011 BFS, BG
Trirhabda eriodictyonis (a leaf beetle) Yerba Santa 2005, 2010 BFS, BG

Family Coccinellidae (Lady Beetles)

Coccinella septempunctata Seven-Spotted Lady Beetle Milkweed, Amsinckia, Penstemon 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Harmonia axyridis Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle   2009-2010 BFS, BG, CP
Hippodamia convergens Convergent Lady Beetle 1999-2001, 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Hyperaspis trifurcata Trident Lady Beetle 2014 BFS, BG
Psyllobora vigintimaculata Twenty-Spotted Lady Beetle Grass by pHake Lake 2010 BFS, BG, CP

Family Dascillidae (Soft-bodied Plant Beetles)

Anorus sp.

Probable, needs confirmation

(a soft-bodied plant beetle) Olive 2008 BFS, BG
Anorus piceus (a soft-bodied plant beetle) Blacklight 2014 BFS, BG

Family Dermestidae (Carpet Beetles)

Anthrenus lepidus (a carpet beetle) Golden-yarrow 2010-2011 BFS, BG
Anthrenus sophonisba (a carpet beetle) Golden-yarrow 2010 BFS, BG

Family Elateridae (Click Beetles)

Family Elateridae, Sub-Family Prosterninae (a click beetle)   2011 BFS, BG

Family Hydrophilidae (Water Scavenger Beetles)

Helochares normatus (a water scavenger beetle) pHake Lake 2009 BG
Paracymus sp. (a water scavenger beetle)   2009 BG

Family Lampyridae (Fireflies)

Family Lampyridae,
unidentified sp.
Pink Glowworm BFS, BG

Family Meloidae (Blister Beetles)

Eupompha elegans Elegant Blister Beetle Eriastrum 2011 BFS, BG

Family Melyridae (Soft-winged Flower Beetles)

Attalus sp. (a soft-winged flower beetle) Horkelia 2011-2013 BFS, BG
Subfamily Dasytinae (a soft-winged flower beetle) Camissoniopsis, Horkelia 2011-2013 BFS, BG
Eschatocrepis constrictus (a soft-winged flower beetle) Horkelia 2011-2012 BFS, BG
Malachius capillicornis (a soft-winged flower beetle) Amsinckia 2011 BFS, BG
Trichochrous sp. (a soft-winged flower beetle) Camissoniopsis 2012 BFS, BG

Family Mordellidae (Tumbling Flower Beetles)

Family Mordellidae,
unidentified sp.
(a tumbling flower beetle) Cryptantha 2010, 2012-2013 BG
Mordella hubbsi (a tumbling flower beetle) Horkelia 2011 BFS, BG

Family Mycetophagidae (Hairy Fungus Beetles)

Family Mycetophagidae, unidentified sp.

Possibly Litargus

(a hairy fungus beetle) Under bark 2014 BFS, BG

Family Nitidulidae (Sap-feeding Beetles)

Carpophilus pallipennis (a sap-feeding beetle) Prickly-Pear 2014 BFS, BG

Family Oedemeridae (False Blister Beetles)

Asclera excavata (a false blister beetle) Mustard 2014 BFS, BG

Family Scarabaeidae (Scarab Beetles)

Cotinis mutabilis Green Fruit Beetle 2010, 2012 BG
Dichelonyx truncata (a scarab beetle) Elderberry, Pine-bush 2010, 2013 BFS, BG
Paracotalpa ursina
Little Bear 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Phobetus comatus (a scarab beetle) 2000-2001 BG

Family Staphylinidae (Rove Beetles)

Subfamily Aleocharinae (a rove beetle) Under bark 2014 BG

Family Tenebrionidae (Darkling Beetles)

Apsena pubescens (a darkling beetle) Under rocks 2010 BFS, BG
Eleodes sp. (a desert stink beetle) 1999-2001 BG, CP
Eleodes osculans Wooly Darkling Beetle

Under rocks; pitfall traps; rodent traps baited with peanut butter and oatmeal

2010, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Metoponium sp. (a darkling beetle) 2014 BFS, BG

Family Zopheridae (Ironclad Beetles)

Phloeodes diabolicus

Formerly Nosoderma diabolicum

Diabolical Ironclad Beetle Under logs 1999-2001 BG, CP

Order Diptera (Flies)

Family Agromyzidae (Leaf Miner Flies)

Liriomyza sp.

The polyphagous species Liriomyza sativae and L. trifolii are the only leafminers that have been associated with Ricinus.

(robber flies)   2014 BFS, BG

Family Asilidae (Robber Flies)

Asilidae, Unidentified sp. (robber flies)   2010 BG, CP
Cophura sp.

identification tentative

(a robber fly) Pine-Bush 2013 BFS, BG
Efferia albibarbis sp. (a robber fly) On ground 2014 BFS, BG
Lestomyia sp. (a robber fly) Cholla 2010 BFS, BG
Machimus occidentalis (a robber fly) 2013 BFS, BG
Mallophora fautrix (a bee killer) 2010 BFS, BG
Neoitamus sp. (a robber fly) Coast Live Oak 2010 BFS, BG
Stenopogon californiae (a robber fly) Milkweed, Redberry 2010-2011 BFS, BG, CP
Stenopogon lomae (a robber fly) Gravel in fire road 2012 BFS, BG
Stenopogon sp.

Possibly S. antoniae

(a robber fly) Dried brome 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Subfamiliy Stenopogoninae, unidentified sp. (a robber fly) With honey bee prey 2011 BFS, BG

Family Bibionidae (March Flies)

Bibio sp. (March flies) Widespread 2010 BG, CP

Family Bombyliidae (Bee Flies)

Anthrax varicolor (a bee fly)   2012 BFS, BG
Aphoebantus sp. (a bee fly) Scale-Broom 2012-2013 BFS, BG
Aphoebantus desertus (a bee fly)   2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Aphoebantus interruptus (a bee fly)   2013 BFS, BG
Aphoebantus mus (a bee fly)   2011-2012 BFS, BG
Aphoebantus transitus (a bee fly)   2010 BFS, BG
Apolysis sp. (a bee fly) Horkelia 2011 BFS, BG
Bombylius curtirhynchus (a bee fly) 2010 BFS, BG
Bombylius major Greater Bee Fly Fire road 2014 BFS, BG
Conophorus cristatus

Probable, needs confirmation

(a bee fly) Pine-Bush 2010 BFS, BG
Conophorus fenestratus (a bee fly) Cryptantha 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Conophorus nigripennis (a bee fly) Widespread 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Chrysanthrax vanus (a bee fly) 2010 BFS, BG
Exoprosopa clarki (a bee fly) 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Exoprosopa divisa (a bee fly) 2010, 2013 BFS, BG
Exoprosopa doris (a bee fly) 2010 BFS, BG
Geron (Subgenus Geron) (a bee fly) California Aster 2012 BFS, BG
Hemipenthes sp.

Not H. sinuosa

(a bee fly) Dried brome 2013 BFS, BG
Hemipenthes sinuosa Sinuous Bee Fly Scale-Broom 2010-2012 BFS, BG
Lordotus planus (a bee fly) Cryptantha 2010, 2013 BFS, BG
Paracosmus edwardsii (a bee fly) Horkelia 2011 BFS, BG
Paravilla syrtis (a bee fly) 2011 BFS, BG
Subfamily Phthiriinae

Probably Acreophthiria sp.

(a bee fly) Pine-Bush 2010 BFS, BG
Poecilognathus sp. (a bee fly) Telegraph weed 2014 BFS, BG
Poecilanthrax effrenus (a bee fly) Dried Brome and Buckwheat 2010, 2012-2013 BFS, BG
Toxophora maxima (a hunchbacked bee fly) Dried Brome 2010 BFS, BG
Thyridanthrax atratus (a bee fly) Buckwheat 2010 BFS, BG
Thyridanthrax nugator (a bee fly) 2010 BFS, BG
Villa lateralis (a bee fly) Buckwheat 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Villa sp. (a bee fly) Buckwheat 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Family Calliphoridae (Blow Flies)

Family Calliphoridae, Unidentified sp. (blow flies)   2010-2012 BFS, BG
Chrysomya megacephala (a blow fly)   2013 BFS, BG
Lucilia sp. (a blow fly)   2013 BFS, BG

Family Chironomidae (Midges)

Chironomidae, unidentified sp.

Possibly Chironomus sp.

(a midge) pHake Lake 2011 BFS, BG

Family Culicidae (Mosquitoes)

Anopheles freeborni

ID probable, needs confirmation

pHake Lake BG
Culex erythrothorax Tule Mosquito pHake Lake BG
Culex quinquefasciatus Southern House Mosquito pHake Lake BG
Ochlerotatus sierrensis Western Treehole Mosquito

Formerly Aedes sierrensis

pHake Lake BG

Family Dolichopodidae (Longlegged Flies)

Subfamily Diaphorinae, unidentified sp. (a longlegged fly) pHake Lake 2012 BFS, BG

Family Empididae (Dance Flies)

Subfamily Empidinae, unidentified sp.

Might be Rhamphomyia or Hilara.

(a dance fly) Horkelia 2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Rhamphomyia sp. (a dance fly) Widespread 2010 BFS, BG

Family Ephydridae (Shore Flies)

Paralimna sp. (a shore fly) pHake Lake 2012 BFS, BG

Family Heleomyzidae (Heleomyzid Flies)

Eccoptomera sp. (a heleomyzid fly) Yerba Santa 2010 BFS, BG

Family Milichiidae (Freeloader Flies)

Family Milichiidae, unidentified sp. (a freeloader fly) Indian Fig Cactus 2014 BFS, BG

Family Sarcophagidae (Flesh Flies)

Agria sp. (a flesh fly) pHake Lake 2009
Family Sarcophagidae, unidentified sp. (a flesh fly) Gravel 2012 BFS, BG

Family Stratiomyidae (Soldier Flies)

Stratiomys maculosa (a soldier fly) Yerba Santa, Artemisia 2011-2012 BFS, BG
Family Stratiomyidae, unidentified sp.

Not Stratiomys maculosa

(a soldier fly) Prickly Pear 2013 BFS, BG

Family Syrphidae (Syrphid Flies)

Allograpta obliqua Common Oblique Syrphid Toyon, Laurel sumac 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Copestylum sp. (a syrphid fly) Buckwheat, Laurel sumac, Pine-Bush 2009, 2011-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Copestylum marginatum (a syrphid fly) 2010-2011 BFS, BG
Copestylum mexicanum Mexican Cactus Fly Senecio, Pine-Bush 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Copestylum satur (a syrphid fly) Buckwheat, Pine-Bush 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Eristalis sp. (a drone fly) 2011 BFS,BG, CP
Eristalis hirta (a drone fly) Coyote Bush 2011 BFS, BG
Eristalinus taeniops (a band-eyed drone fly) Buckwheat, Pine-bush 2009-2010 BFS, BG, CP
Eupeodes volucris Bird Hover Fly Artemisia, Cryptantha 2010, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Nausigaster unimaculata (a syrphid fly) Scale-broom 2013-2014 BFS, BG
Orthonevra flukei (a syrphid fly) Reeds at lake edge 2013 BFS, BG
Palpada alhambra (a syrphid fly) In a spider web, Laurel sumac, Pine-Bush, Buckwheat, Baccharis 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Palpada mexicana (a syrphid fly) Pine-bush 2010 BFS, BG
Paragus sp. (a syrphid fly) 2010-2012 BG, CP
Pseudodoros clavatus (Four-spotted Aphid Fly) Yerba Santa, Scale-Broom, Pine-Bush 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Sphaerophoria sulphuripes (a syrphid fly) 2011, 2013 BG, CP
Spilomyia interrupta (a syrphid fly) Scale-Broom 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Syritta pipiens (a syrphid fly) Buckwheat 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Toxomerus marginatus (a syrphid fly) 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Tachinidae (Tachinid Flies)

Cylindromyia sp. (a tachinid fly) Buckwheat 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Subfamily Dexiinae

possibly Ptilodexia

(a tachinid fly) Dried brome 2011 BFS, BG
Gymnosoma sp. (a tachinid fly) Cotton-thorn 2014 BFS, BG
Peleteria sp. (a tachinid fly)   2010-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Family Tachinidae, Unidentified sp. (tachinid flies)   2010 BFS, BG
Trichopoda sp. (a feather-legged fly) Buckwheat 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Trichopoda pennipes (a feather-legged fly) Buckwheat 2011 BFS, BG

Tephritidae (Fruit Flies)

Ceratitis capitata Mediterranean Fruit Fly Cattails 2013 BFS, BG
Trupanea jonesi (a fruit fly)   2012 BFS, BG

Therevidae (Stiletto Flies)

Nebritus pellucidus (a stiletto fly) Brush 2014 BFS, BG

Tipulidae (Crane Flies)

Tipula sp. (a crane fly)   2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Tipula silvestre (a crane fly)   2010 BG

Family Ulidiidae (Picture-winged Flies)

Diacrita costalis (a picture-winged fly) Prickly-Pear 2014 BFS, BG
Notogramma sp. (a picture-winged fly) Cholla 2010 BFS, BG

Order Lepidoptera (Butterflies & moths)

Family Sesiidae (Clearwing Moths)

Paranthrene robiniae Western Poplar Clearwing Mule Fat 2004 BFS, BG, CP

Family Papilionidae (Swallowtails, Parnassians)

Battus philenor Pipevine Swallowtail 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Papilio cresphontes Giant Swallowtail 2011-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Papilio eurymedon Pale Tiger Swallowtail 2006, 2011-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Papilio rutulus Western Tiger Swallowtail 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Pieridae (Whites, Sulphurs, Yellows)

Abaeis nicippe Sleepy Orange 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Anthocharis sara Sara Orange-tip 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Colias eurytheme Orange Sulphur 2009, 2011 BG, CP
Colias harfordii Harford’s Sulphur Deerweed 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Phoebis sennae Cloudless Sulphur Mud at pHake Lake 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Pieris rapae Cabbage White 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Pontia protodice Checkered White 2009-2010, 2012-2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Lycaenidae (Blues, Coppers, Hairstreaks, Harvesters)

Atlides halesus Great Purple Hairstreak Scale-Broom 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Brephidium exilis Western Pygmy-Blue Aster 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Callophrys affinis Western Green Hairstreak 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Callophrys augustinus Brown Elfin pHake Lake 2009, 2011 BFS, BG, CP
Echinargus isola Reakirt's Blue 2013 BFS, BG
Euphilotes bernardino

Or possibly Euphilotes battoides

Bernardino Dotted Blue 2007-2008, 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Leptotes marina Marine Blue 2010, 2012-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Plebejus acmon Acmon Blue 2009-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Strymon melinus Gray Hairstreak 2007-2010, 2012-2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Nymphalidae (Brushfooted Butterflies)

Agraulis vanillae Gulf Fritillary 2002- BFS, BG, CP
Danaus plexippus Monarch Milkweed 1999-2001, 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Junonia coenia Buckeye 2009 BFS, BG, CP
Nymphalis antiopa Mourning Cloak 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Vanessa annabella West Coast Lady 2008, 2010, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral 2009-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Vanessa cardui Painted lady 2003, 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Vanessa virginiensis American lady 2012 BFS, BG, CP

Family Hesperiidae (Skippers)

Heliopetes ericetorum Northern White Skipper 2010 BFS, BG
Erynnis funeralis Funereal Duskywing 2009, 2013 BG
Erynnis tristis Mournful Duskywing New toad pool, Pine-Bush 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Hylephila phyleus Fiery Skipper 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Pyrgus albescens White Checkered-Skipper 2007 BFS, BG, CP
Pyrgus communis Common Checkered Skipper BG, CP

Elachistidae (Grass Miner Moths)

Ethmia arctostaphylella (a bird-dropping moth) Yerba Santa 2009-2010 BFS, BG, CP

Family Geometridae (Geometrid Moths)

Digrammia sp.

Possibly D. californiaria

(a geometrid moth) 2013 BFS, BG
Digrammia irrorata (a geometrid moth) Island in pHake Lake 2011 BFS, BG
Subfamily Ennominae, unidentified sp. (a geometrid moth) Oak tree 2011 BFS, BG
Plataea sp.

Possibly P. ursaria or P. californiaria

(a geometrid moth) 2009, 2012 BFS, BG
Speranza austrinata (a geometrid moth) Grass 2011, 2013 BFS, BG

Family Adelidae (Fairy Moths)

Cauchas sp. (a fairy moth) Camissoniopsis 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Erebidae (Erebid Moths)

Catocala sp. (an underwing) pHake Lake, classroom 2010, 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Caenurgia togataria (an erebid moth) Dead grass & Amsinckia 2010-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Drasteria divergens (an erebid moth) Deerweed 2009-2010 BFS, BG
Drasteria ochracea (an erebid moth) 2013 BFS, BG

Family Noctuidae (Owlet Moths)

Megalographa biloba

Formerly Autographa biloba

Bilobed Looper 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Schinia buta (an owlet moth) California Aster & dried Artemisia 2009 BFS, BG

Family Tortricidae (Tortricid Moths)

Eucosma sp. (a torticid moth) Artemisia 2011-2012 BFS, BG, CP

Order Hymenoptera (Ants, bees, & wasps)

Family Andrenidae (Mining Bees)

Andrena sp. (a mining bee) Phacelia, Blue Dicks 2011 BFS, BG
Andrena (Diandrena) sp. (a mining bee) 2010 BG
Calliopsis barbata (a mining bee) Phacelia 2002, 2011 BFS, BG
Perdita sp. (a mining bee) Cryptantha 2010 BFS, BG
Perdita ericameriae (a mining bee) Pine-Bush 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Perdita interrupta (a mining bee) 2002 BG
Perdita (subgenus Perdita) (ventralis species group) (a mining bee) Toyon 2011 BFS, BG

Family Apidae (Cuckoo, Carpenter, Digger, Bumble, and Honey Bees)

Anthophora sp. (an anthophorine bee) Penstemon 2009, 2010, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Anthophora pacifica (a digger bee) Island in pHake Lake 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Anthophora squammulosa (an anthophorine bee) Threadleaf Ragwort 2012 BFS, BG
Anthophora urbana (an anthophorine bee) Pine-Bush 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Apis mellifera European Honey Bee 1999-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Bombus melanopygus Black-tailed Bumble Bee Black sage 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Bombus vosnesenskii Yellow-faced Bumble Bee 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Centris (subgenus Paracentris) (a bee) Palo Verde 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Ceratina arizonensis (small carpenter bee) 2002, 2010-2013 BFS, BG
Ceratina (Subgenus Zadontomerus) (small carpenter bee) 2012 BFS, BG
Diadasia (australis species group) (a cactus bee) Cane Cholla 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Epeolus sp. (a cuckoo bee) 2002 BG
Tribe Eucerini, unidentified sp. (a long-horned bee) 2012 BFS, BG
Habropoda depressa 2010 BG, CP
Melecta sp.

Probably M. separata callura

(a cuckoo bee) Island in pHake Lake

Near A. pacifica burrows

2010-2012 BFS, BG
Nomada (vegana species group)

resembles N. texana

(a cuckoo bee) Dove Weed 2012 BFS, BG
Subfamily Nomadinae (cuckoo bees) Open ground 2011 BFS, BG
Oreopasites sp. (cuckoo bees) Camissoniopsis 2011 BFS, BG
Peponapis pruinosa (a squash bee) Calabazilla 2010 BFS, BG
Triepeolus (verbesinae species group)

Possibly Triepeolus callopus

(a cuckoo bee) 2012 BFS, BG
Townsendiella rufiventris (a cuckoo bee) 2010
Xeromelecta californica (a cuckoo bee) Scale-Broom 2010 BFS, BG
Xylocopa californica California Carpenter Bee 2000-2001, 2010 BG, CP
Xylocopa tabaniformis orpifex Mountain Carpenter Bee Penstemon 2009-2010 BFS, BG, CP
Xylocopa varipuncta Valley Carpenter Bee 1999-2003, 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Colletidae (Plasterer Bees, Masked or Yellow-faced Bees)

Colletes sp. (a cellophane bee) 2002,2010 BFS, BG, CP
Colletes californicus (a cellophane bee) Buckwheat 2009
Colletes lutzi monticola (a cellophane bee) 2002
Colletes slevini Slevin’s Cellophane Bee Buckwheat 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Hylaeus polifolii (a yellow-masked bee) 2002 BG
Hylaeus sp. (a yellow-masked bee) Horkelia 2011 BFS, BG

Family Crabronidae (Bee Wolves & Sand Wasps)

Cerceris sp. (a crabronid wasp) Buckwheat 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Eucerceris provancheri (a crabronid wasp) Buckwheat 2010, 2012 BFS, BG
Eucerceris sp. (a crabronid wasp) Buckwheat 2010 BFS, BG
Philanthus gibbosus (a beewolf) Scale-Broom 2011 BFS, BG
Philanthus multimaculatus Pacific Burrowing Wasp Buckwheat, Croton 2009, 2011-2013 BFS, BG
Philanthus sp.

not P. multimaculatus

(a beewolf) Buckwheat 2010-2012 BFS, BG, CP

Family Cynipidae (Gall Wasps)

Andricus californicus California Oak Apple Gall Wasp Oak apple gall 1999-2009 BFS

Family Eucharitidae

Orasema occidentalis (a chalcidoid wasp) Horkelia cuneata 2011 BFS, BG

Family Eurytomidae

Family Eurytomidae, unidentified sp. (a eurytomid wasp) Horkelia cuneata 2012 BFS, BG

Family Formicidae (Ants)

Camponotus sp. (sayi?) (a carpenter ant) AW, BG, CP
Dorymyrmex sp. (a pyramid ant) 2009 AW, BG
Forelius pruinosus (an odorous ant) On ground near wash 2009 AW, BG
Linepithema humile Argentinian Ant Lakeside, Amherst Dr. AW, BG, CP
Messor smithi (a harvester ant) AW
Myrmecocystus testaceus (a honeypot ant) AW
Pogonomyrmex californicus California Harvester Ant General AW, BG, CP
Solenopsis amblychila (or aurea?) (a fire ant) AW
Solenopsis molesta Thief Ant 2009 AW, BG
Temnothorax chandleri (or nitens?) (an acorn ant) AW

Family Gasteruptiidae (Carrot Wasps)

Gasteruption kaweahense (a carrot wasp) Horkelia 2011, 2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Halictidae (Sweat Bees)

Agapostemon sp. (a metallic green bee) 2002, 2010-2011 BFS, BG, CP
Agapostemon texanus (a metallic green bee) Threadleaf Ragwort 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Conanthalictus (Conanthalictus) sp. (a sweat bee) 2002 BG
Dufourea sp. (a sweat bee) Cryptantha, Camissoniopsis, Phacelia, Blue Dicks 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Dufourea davidsoni (a sweat bee) 2010
Dufourea mulleri (a sweat bee) 2002, 2010, 2013 BFS, BG
Family Halictidae, unidentified sp. (a sweat bee) 2010 BFS, BG
Halictus farinosus (a sweat bee) 2010 BFS, BG, CP
Halictus ligatus (a sweat bee) 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Lasioglossum sp. (a sweat bee) Forestiera pubescens 2012 BFS, BG, CP
Lasioglossum (Dialictus) sp. (a sweat bee) Blue Dicks 2002, 2011-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) sp. (a sweat bee) 2002 BG
Lasioglossum (Lasioglossum) sisymbrii sp. (a sweat bee) 2002 BG
Sphecodes sp. (a sweat bee) 2002 BG, CP

Family Ichneumonidae (Ichneumon Wasps)

Anomalon sp. (an icheneumon wasp) Scale-Broom 2010 BFS, BG
Subfamily Campopleginae (an icheneumon wasp) 2010 BFS, BG

Family Megachilidae (Leaf-cutter Bees, Mason Bees, and allies)

Tribe Anthidiini (a megachilid bee) 2010 BG
Anthidium illustre (a megachilid bee) 2010 BG
Atoposmia (Hexosmia) copelandica spp. arefacta (an osmiine bee) 2002
Ashmeadiella sp. (a leaf-cutter bee) Threadleaf Ragwort 2012 BFS, BG
Chelostoma sp. (an osmiine bee) 2002 BG
Chelostoma (subgenus Foveosmia) (an osmiine bee) Phacelia 2013 BFS, BG
Chelostoma californicum (an osmiine bee) Phacelia 2010 BFS, BG
Dianthidium sp. (a megachilid bee) 2010-2011 BFS, BG
Hoplitis (Subgenus Alcidamea) (an osmiine bee) Horkelia 2011
Hoplitis (Proteriades) nanula (an osmiine bee) 2002
Megachile (subgenus Chelostomoides) (a leaf-cutter bee) 2001-2003, 2010-2011 BFS, BG
Megachile (subgenus Megachiloides) (a leaf-cutter bee) Encelia farinosa 2013 BFS, BG
Subfamily Megachilinae, unidentified sp. Horkelia 2011 BFS, BG
Osmia sp. (an orchard bee) Penstemon 2010-2011 BFS, BG, CP
Osmia (Chenosmia group including very bright metallic green or blue Osmia) (a mason bee) 2011 BFS, BG
Osmia clarescens (a mason bee) 2002
Osmia coloradensis (a mason bee) 2010 BFS, BG
Osmia cyanella (a mason bee) 2002 BG
Osmia glauca (a mason bee) 2002
Osmia (Subgenus Melanosmia) (a mason bee) 2012 BFS, BG
Stelis sp. (a cleptoparasite bee) 2002 BG

Family Melittidae (Melittid Bees)

Hesperapis sp. (a melittid bee) 2002, 2010 BFS, BG

Family Mutillidae (Velvet Ants)

Dasymutilla sackenii Sacken’s Velvet Ant 2000 BG, CP

Family Pompilidae (Spider Wasps)

Aporus sp. (a spider wasp) 2011 BG
Pepsis sp. Tarantula Hawk Milkweed 2012-2013 BFS, BG
Family Pompilidae, unidentified sp. (a spider wasp) Buckwheat 2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Tachypompilus unicolor Tarantula Hawk Buckwheat 2013 BFS, BG

Family Scoliidae (Scoliid Wasps)

Crioscolia alcione (a scoliid wasp) 2010-2013 BFS, BG

Family Sphecidae (Thread-waisted Wasps)

Ammophila sp. (a thread-waisted wasp) Sand and gravel path 2012 BFS, BG
Prionyx sp.

Possibly Prionyx parkeri

(a thread-waisted wasp) Dried brome 2011 BFS, BG
Prionyx parkeri (a thread-waisted wasp) Buckwheat 2011 BFS, BG
Sphex ichneumoneus Great Golden Digger Wasp 2011-2013 BFS, BG, CP
Sphex lucae (a thread-waisted wasp) 2012 BFS, BG
Sphex pensylvanicus Great Black Wasp 2009, 2011 BFS, BG
Sceliphron caementarium Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Mud at pHake Lake 2010-2013 BFS, BG, CP

Family Tenthredinidae (Common Sawflies)

Filacus sp. (a sawfly) Phacelia 2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Pontania californica Willow Apple Gall Sawfly 1999-2001, 2010-2012 BFS, BG, CP
Family Tenthredinidae, unidentified sp. (a sawfly) Phacelia 2010 BFS, BG

Family Tiphiidae (Tiphiid Wasps)

Subfamily Tiphiinae (a tiphiid wasp) Scale-Broom 2010, 2013 BFS, BG

Family Vespidae (Yellowjackets, Paper Wasps, and Hornets; Potter, Mason and Pollen Wasps)

Leptochilus sp. (a eumenid wasp) 2011, 2013 BFS, BG
Polistes apachus (a paper wasp) 2009-2010 BFS, BG
Polistes aurifer Golden Paper Wasp 2009-2010, 2013 BFS, BG, CP
Polistes fuscatus Northern Paper Wasp 1999-2001 BG, CP
Pseudomasaris coquilletti (a pollen wasp) Phacelia 2007, 2010-2011 BFS, BG, CP
Pseudomasaris edwardsii (a pollen wasp) Phacelia 2008, 2010-2012 BFS, BG
Pseudomasaris vespoides (a pollen wasp) Penstemon 2009-2013 BFS, BG
Vespula pensylvanica Western Yellowjacket 1999-2001, 2010-2011, 2013 BFS, BG, CP


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AW = AntWeb, a site that provides tools for exploring the diversity and identification of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Hosted by The California Academy of Sciences
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