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Rapid Color Guide of the Butterflies of the Bernard Field Station

butterfly guide

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Now available — Rapid Color Guide to the Butterflies of the Bernard Field Station!

Produced in conjunction with the Field Museum, who developed the Rapid Color Guide format, the guide is illustrated with live photos (most taken at the BFS) of all butterflies that have been documented at the BFS, with brief descriptions of key field marks as well as host plants for each species. This is a great resources for beginners!

Many thanks to our photographers – Nancy Hamlett, Jonathan Wright, Hartmut Wisch, and Tad Beckman. We also thank Nick Grishin and Jim P. Brock of Butterflies of America and John Pickering and Bobby Hattaway of DiscoverLife.org for permission to use their photos of the uppersides of the sulphur butterflies. The Guide was produced by Nancy Hamlett.

Title: Butterflies of the Bernard Field Station
File format: PDF
Number of pages: 5
Size: 9.3 MB
Publication Date: February 2015

Click here or on the image at the left to download a pdf  file of the checklist.
The BFS Butterfly Guide is also available on the Field Museum website.

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